The next h.e.a.r Chicago Talk is Tuesday, MAY 20 at the Map Room!
Peep some reflections about the last couple events here and here!

An idea exchange for teachers & learners
Be heard. Be inspired. Have a beer.
h.e.a.r. Chicago Talk is a social hour with presentations on topics related related to teaching and learning of all kinds. Presenters:
  • Ask a question they've been chewing on
  • Present, in six minutes, an inspired response they've seen, experienced, or created
  • Challenge listeners with a new "chewy" question
  • Listen to audience questions--without expectation for immediate response, but rather as food for thought

Tuesday, May 20                                                                                             The Map Room              
7:00pm sharp (doors 6:00)                                                                                1949 N. Hoyne      

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A diversity of attendees
Connect with resourceful folks in a variety of fields.
Past presenters include classroom teachers, veterans, peace activists, and artists. Beginning and ending questions include:
  • How do we interrupt youth violence...and to what extent can do stress management tools prepare kids to be global citizens?
  • How do we get more veterans to value books as much as guns...and how can we measure positive impact?
  • How do we teach students to be free thinkers...and how free can they really become within a school year?

A collaborative & innovative Chicago
Be a part of it!
The goal of h.e.a.r Chicago Talk is to foster discussion and connections among resourceful folks in a variety of disciplines. Anyone is welcome to submit a presentation idea for consideration. 
Below are a few slides and audience questions from the September event.

Slide from my presentation. Asked by the audience: How can we identify which differences between our system and Finland's are contributing to the results?

Slide from Dennis Kass's presentation. Asked by the audience:
Is it possible to talk to parents about the same constructs you've discussed with the students?

Slide from Don Whitfield's presentation. Asked by the audience:
Is this method applicable for other groups, such as women coming out of prostitution or domestic violence victims?

Picture from I showed a clip from a talk given by Stephen Ritz, a South Bronx high school teacher who has empowering his students through urban farming.

Read more about September's event here.